14 dBi panel antenna

This antenna consists of array of 4 dipoles over the aluminium reflector. Most commercial panel antennas are microstrip patch antennas. See this photo for example. NEC2 is not suitable for simulating of such antennas. Zeland software's IE3D full-wave electromagnetic simulator is ideal for the design and simulation of patch antennas.

Panel antenna

Figure 1 - Panel antenna

Beda Hammerschmied sent me the photo of the panel antenna he constructed (see figure 1) using my design. He reports 14 dBm improvement over DI-524 2 dBi dipole.

  • Frequency range: 2412 - 2472 MHz
  • Physical dimensions: 185mm x 185mm x 30mm
  • Gain: 14 dBi
  • Front to back ratio: 18 dB
  • Half power beamwidth: 40 degrees H-plane, 30 degrees E-plane
  • SWR < 1.3 (in practice adjust array height over reflector)
  • 4NEC2 input file: panel_2x2.nec.txt

Schematics of the antenna - drawing by Dave Carpenter.
N-Type connector is in the middle of reflector. 4 equal length coax cables are soldered to connector - coax core to connector core, shield to connector outer. The cheap RG-58/U coax can be used. Solder a dipole on each coax's other end - coax core to dipole's upper arm, shield to lower arm. Dipoles then can be fixed in place with some posts and glue.
Two side reflectors can be added for additional 1.5 dB gain - panel_2x2a.nec.txt. Azimuth half power beamwidth then becomes 30 degrees.

Elevation pattern

Figure 2 - Elevation pattern

Azimuth pattern

Figure 3 - Azimuth pattern

SWR graph

Figure 4 - SWR graph


Other NEC2 antenna models

  • 14 dBi short-backfire - sbfa.nec.txt. 4:1 slot-fed balun should be used to feed the dipole. To simulate antenna with feed network Zeland software's IE3D can be used. Search the web for construction details of this antenna.
  • 11 dBi biquad - biquad.nec.txt. 34 dB front to back ratio, 60 degrees H-plane, 50 degrees E-plane half power beamwidth.
  • 11 dBi log periodic - lpda.nec.txt. 27 dB front to back ratio, 70 degrees H-plane, 50 degrees E-plane half power beamwidth. Feed like this is used in California Amplifier 24 dBi parabolic grid antennas. I used this photo to model the original California Amplifier quasi log periodic feed - lpda_calamp.nec.txt.
  • 11.5 dBi helical - helix.nec.txt.